VR Party

Our most popular experience is our vr party package

We have quite a lot of parties and they are always a hit. Basically, the way it works is you rent the whole place to yourselves for £150 for 90 minutes. Everything is included such as the Motion Simulator which we use for roller coaster rides and also the VR racing car that we have set up. If anyone wants to take a break from the VR action we have 3 classic arcade machines to play on. We recommend a max of 6 players as we only have 6 VR attractions that can be played at any one time.

We decorate the arcade with a birthday theme hanging up banners etc. We also provide birthday bags and everyone gets 1 free drink from our drinks fridge or coffee machine.

We don’t do food, but if you want to bring some or just a birthday cake we will also get a table out ready for you.

If you want more info you can get it on our party package page over on the main website.

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