Top 5 things to do within walking distance of Runcorn Station

Visiting Runcorn or just changing at the train station? here are 5 things you can do within walking distance of Runcorn Train Station. (and you know one of them is going to be us!) 🙂

1) Walk over the old Runcorn and widnes jubilee bridge

The old bridge was closed for renovations once the new bridge was completed. Now that work is complete and it has been reduced to just 2 lanes for cars and there is now a large cycle lane and footpath. There is a toll for cars but walking and cycling is free. You can get some nice views of the River Mersey and the railway viaduct coming from Runcorn Station.

drone shot of Runcorn jubilee bridge


2) head into the old town

A short walk from the Station is Runcorn Old Town, it’s dominated by hair & nail salons and charity shops mainly, but there’s also a Costa, Wetherspoons, Ten Lock Flight (pub) and you can walk along the canal a little bit.

art in runcorn old town

3) Visit 2 pints of lager filming locations

Most of the 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps TV series was filmed in Runcorn, and a lot of it was in the old town near Runcorn Station.

For more info check out this blog post

2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps filmed in runcorn

4) The Brindley Theatre

The Theatre is within walking distance of Runcorn Station and has shows from local performing groups and schools but also world class acts appear here from time to time. Check out there website for more info.

brindley theatre external photo in the evening

5) VR Warehouse

Last but buy no means least, VR Warehouse (Us!) – our VIrtual Reality Arcade is just a short walk from Runcorn Station and we would like to say we are amazing but of course we are biased, but check out over 40+ 5* reviews across Facebook, Trip Advisor, Google etc – to book head back to our main website

playing virtual reality at vr warehouse runcorn

Did we miss anything? drop a comment and let us know, maybe we can turn it into 10 best things to do in Runcorn near Runcorn station!


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