official meta quest 2 cable vs anker quest 2 cable vs generic high performance usb c cable for oculus link

Do you need the official Quest 2 USB-C Link Cable?

If you want the quick answer and don’t wish to continue reading, then the answer is no, you don’t need the official link cables which are an eye watering £89 just for a cable, there are alternative oculus link cables which are way cheaper and just as good (we know, we tested them)

The official cable comes in at an staggering £89 (you read that right, £89 for a USB-C cable) It works great, but at £89 we had to see if the cheaper ones worked just as well.

(£89 amazon)

The anker cables worked well but the USB-C connector doesn’t come out at a 90 degree angle like the official cable does which made it prone to being knocked out.

(£14.99 amazon)

Next we bought some generic oculus link cables that claim to have high data rates for the quest 2 and also had a right angle USB-C connector, just like the official cable, this also worked great, we added a small velcro tie onto it to make sure we don’t knock it out of the headset, this works great because of the right angle design.

(£14.99 vr-warehouse)

We tested all the oculus link cables with Half-Life: Alyx and I couldn’t tell the difference, and if you want the good news, we have a limited number of them in stock and have launched our online store selling accessories. If you want to buy one check it out.


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