Cheap alternative to extend play time on quest 2 without buying a £99 Quest 2 elite strap battery

Meta (facebook/oculus) sell an elite strap with a battery for £99, now I bought an elite strap (non battery version) and it cracked after light use so for 2 main reasons I wasn’t going to buy the meta version of this headstrap.

  1. The last one broke way too easy.
  2. It’s too expensive.

We have a 3d printer, so I decided to come up with an alternative solution. Here is what we did.

  1. Bought a headstrap from amazon
  2. Bought a cheap powerbank from amazon
  3. 3d printed a part to hold the powerbank
And this is how it looks.


Want to try for yourself? Here are the parts we used with prices and a link to our etsy store where we now 3d print the powerbank holders.

  1. Powerbank holder (Etsy) £5.99
  2. Headstrap (Amazon) £28.99
  3. Powerbank (amazon) £12.99
So the total cost of our DIY elite strap? £48. and so far it shows no signs of failing.

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